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Who is this Birth Doula Training Course designed for?

Anyone who…

Why do people choose to do the course?

If they think…

What is a Birth Doula and why should I become one?

Doulas help pregnancy and childbirth be the positive experience it is meant to be!

Ask any mother… “Did you have all your physical and emotional needs met during your pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond?” and there is a very high chance she will say NO!”

Also go ahead and ask her “Would you have loved to have had a woman assisting you during your labour and birth?” and there is a very strong chance she will reply with “Well my partner was ok and meant well, BUT yes I wish I’d had more help both during the birth with massage, guidance, acupressure points, suggestions to get in the shower, bath and to move around, also afterwards as well during the first year or so…”

Birth Doulas (also called Childbirth Assistants, Labour Support Professionals, Birth Assistants, or Birth Companions) provide emotional, physical and informational support during pregnancy, labour, birth and immediate postpartum. 

Doulas are professionally trained women who provide comfort measures and support before, during, and after delivery.

Research has shown that doulas help women have positive birth experiences, decrease the need for pain medication, improve breastfeeding success, and reduce the need for cesarean sections and other invasive procedures.

No not at all. It would be helpful if you have a current first Aid certificate but not essential, though I would recommend obtaining it over the next year.

No not necessary, as the most important aspect is to be empathetic and compassionate. Experience can be helpful of course, so if you’ve had a baby great, if you haven’t had a baby that’s great too.

No. This is a completely unregulated industry, so you do not have re-registration fees, no you don’t have to buy insurance. Nothing is compulsory. Julie does guide all her trainee doulas through ethics, yes to ensure a smooth life as a Doula.

What topics are covered in the Doula Training Course?

What is in your New Birth and Post Natal Doula Training course home study Kit?

What are the inclusions in the Doula Training Course?

For the complete Home Study / Online Birth and Postnatal kit course:

What are the benefits of the Doula Training Course?​

What upcoming dates are available for the 5-day face to face doula training course?

Thursday to Monday inclusive:

More dates may be available upon request, contact Julie.

Or 5 week course (1 day per week) date options:

shorter times to suit school hours

More dates available, contact Julie.

1 day exclusive Individual day session

normally $1,000 currently at $500

9 to 5 with Julie covering 10 Topics from Pregnancy, Birth, Mothering the Mothering, Business Marketing and answering all your questions, solving all your problems and concerns.

This is an individually tailored session giving you the chance to have Julie’s focus on you especially for the whole day to support and assist you with anything you want help with.

You could treat this as a coaching session and book two sessions 12 weeks apart to accelerate your progress. Times and dates are flexible, talk with Julie about your specific needs.

Available Days:

More dates available, contact Julie.

More course options coming soon

Evening courses are planned for commencement in 2024 for Doulas let Julie know if this is something you are interested in doing and the particular evening of the week you’d prefer. This will be a 6 month course but is negotiable and can be reduced.
An extensive 12 month course is planned for 2024 for interested Doulas who’d like an advanced training of a higher level to commence their career or advance it if they are a doula with some experience who wants to expand to teaching small groups. This can be individual or in small groups, length of course negotiable.

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OR Study With Julie In Person

Now available are in-person 5 day training course dates!