Birth And Post-Natal Doula Home Study Course

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Many women book in to...

…the Home Study / Online version of the course and may well complete it in say 8 to 12 weeks, that’s not unusual, although Julie does provide a generous amount of 12 months and will even cater for those who want longer by granting an extension at no extra charge of an extra year if requested by the student.

Other times life gets in the way...

…and for one reason or another, and it doesn’t matter what the reason is, some women crave having the other option of the face to face / in person version of the course.

Perhaps the student has had another baby!

Yes, it’s a thing with Doulas lol or maybe the student wants the contact with Julie to go through all the practical specifics of massage, how to support during labour, acupressure points and of course the personalised attention that having the focus of Julie as your teacher to answer your questions and provide examples and guidance on a wide variety of topics important to you.

Always feel welcome to call Julie

On 0401265530 to have a chat about your options, she’d be more than happy to spend the time walking you through your choices.

Do you want to learn face to face instead?

Have you already booked in and commenced the Home Study course but would prefer to do the face to face then here are your options:
5 day straight intensive – Thursday to Monday inclusive – 
dates are listed for you to choose from:
or 5 days spread out over 5 weeks; only one day per week; say 5 Tuesdays, which is easy for those living in Sydney or who would like to have an easier pace (or)
other options which can be negotiated with Julie such as 10 weeks; only one day per week; say 10 Wednesdays, with short hours to allow for easy school pick up such as 10am to 2pm 
(or) other such as taking a  break for an overseas holiday in the middle of the course.


The cost of the 5 day in person course is $2,500.00 minus the cost of the Home Study course $888 = only $1612 for the upgrade to the face to face / In person course. Simply use code HOMESTUDY at checkout!
Click below to view the right page to enable the upgrade to the Face to Face / In Person for any Doula Student already booked into the Home Study / Online version of the course.

Further choices are available!

For those who are interstate who would like to fly in and fly out to spend one day with Julie learning the practical skills for Doulas and having your own specific questions answered – this option is open to all of Julie’s Doulas whether local to Sydney or anywhere in Australia who want just one day.
Call Julie 0401265530 or email her [email protected] to work out a special date for you!

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