Vision & Ethics

Future Vision and Ethics at the Doula Academy of Australia

Julie Clarke (Doula Trainer) has been transforming the lives of pregnant couples for over 30 years through her dedicated commitment to her work as a doula and her popular antenatal “Transition into Parenthood” and Hypnobirth courses from her studio at Sylvania, Sydney.

Currently Julie is sharing her vast knowledge with women young and old, mothers or not, experienced or not so they too can enable pregnant women to have a positive, natural, safe, healthy, and very satisfying birth experience to welcome their precious new baby into their life.

Julie’s trained Doulas play a significant role in Australia in the support of all women and partners, as they prepare during their pregnancy to birth their baby, Doulas work to deliver excellent outcomes for pregnant couples.

We are looking for positive women 16+ who will, in their own creative way, contribute to shaping the future of Doulas in Australia’s future, as we move towards a new phase of its growth.


Transition into Parenthood Courses which is one of the longest running birth and parenting preparation course providers, commencing in 1989.

It has been a unique part of Sydney’s community for 30 years, originally as active birth courses suitable for birthing at birth centres.


Our mission is to enrich the lives of pregnant women by connecting them to the transformative power of giving birth with good emotional and physical support to enable them to commence the journey of motherhood in an empowered confident strong way.


To inspire more women to engage with supporting, encouraging and lifting up each other through Doula work

What we do:

Education, training, mentoring, think tank workshops, collaboration, creative visualisation and imagination will be at the forefront of skills required for an enlightened world

To magnify and amplify the stories and questions of our world.

The Doula Academy asks its participants to imagine the possibilities within the world they have grown up in; to think artistically, critically and creatively, and be active global citizens.

  • provides continuous guidance beyond the usual training period both with the home study course and the face to face course
  • provides vital professional work opportunities for Australian Doulas
  • creates a supportive environment where women work together towards a common goal and the mentorship
  • is an accessible and inclusive organisation which fosters womens expression and educates Australia’s future professional Doulas

Why we do what we do for birth doulas:

Because voice –  Doulas need support which is wise, safe, healthy, non judgmental, focused on their needs – not the hospitals –  to develop their instincts, intuition, values their ideas and aspires to produce the highest quality birth outcomes

Because tribe – Doulas want and need a safe place to fit in, to find their feet, and their place in the world.

Because creativity –  Doulas need a place to create, learn and explore

Because art –  Doulas deserve access to the highest quality experience and process.

Because imagination –   Doulas deserve a place to imagine and re-imagine the world they live in, especially in the Western world where we need to re-think how women are treated.

Because spirit – because  the Doula Academy of Australia engenders and emboldens the spirit of Doulas

Birth Doula Role Summary

This is a flexible, part-time or full time, hands-on role. You will be working with either pregnant couples, whole families, single mothers-to-be, to provide guidance towards building a safe, healthy, positive, enriching birth and early days of parenting experience.

The initial focus will be on analysing the needs of the pregnant woman, identifying her existing support base followed by the development and implementation of a birth plan to fulfill her preferences.

The role varies from a half day or more per week with an average payment of $1,000 per birth – varies according to skill set, level of experience, the population group you are working with.

Key responsibilities for birth doulas:



Birth doula skills and attributes:

Preferred for Doula candidates to have:

We look very favourably upon candidates who have knowledge & experience in the following areas: