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Have you heard of the term Doula before?

A Doula is a woman trained to guide women through their pregnancy, labour, birth and early weeks and months of new motherhood towards a positive transition with their new baby.
Doulas reduce fear, anxiety and stress for the pregnant woman and her partner.
Doulas provide comfort measures and guidance during labour to help aim for a normal birth with less chance of medical intervention and birth trauma which means a healthier happier mum who recovers more quickly. 
If the need for intervention does occur then Doulas are even more worthwhile and valuable for support for the new family  in the recovery period with assistance with feeding, sleep and settling skills, calming the crying and light housework, getting meals and more.

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We’ve created Australia’s most popular birth and post-natal doula training courses at very reasonable prices. Why? We want to help empower women to help empower other women.

Pregnancy, birth and motherhood is a time where women need other women’s empathy, support and guidance more than at any other time in their lives. This is true right across the world, and Australia currently has a severe lack of trained, qualified doulas.

Together we can improve the future for all women. We’re all feeling this, aren’t we? It’s our time to work together to create the changes that we need.

If you’re looking for doula training then we would love to support you on your journey. We invite you to get in touch via phone or email.


Julie Clarke

Australia’s most Advanced Birth and Post Natal Doula Trainer, Mentor, Coach and Advocate

Julie's Credentials

Independent Childbirth and Parenting Educator in registered business “Transition Into Parenthood” pre-natal classes

Breath Awareness, Relaxation and Mindful Course practitioner since 2006

Qualified with Community Organisation Parents Centres Australia

Advanced Childbirth Educator and Trainer with the National Association of Childbirth Educators (NACE) National Editor of the “Interaction” Journal of the National Association of Childbirth Educators, 2003-2015

Supervisor for the Associates in Childbirth Education training for Graduate Diploma Students (VETAB Accredited)

Doula: Professional birth support person at more than 150 births, including Delivery Suite, Birth Centre, Operating Theatre, Homebirths and Water Births

Consumer Representative for Maternity for the SESAHS South Eastern Sydney Area Health Service

The Sutherland Hospital Birth Centre Development Committee 2003/4/5

UTS Bachelor of Midwifery Planning Committee 2003/4

St George Hospital Homebirth Development Committee

Certified HypnoBirthing ® Instructor since May 2004

Former Karitane post natal depression telephone support counselor

Former trainer and presenter at “Doula Express” in Sydney for doulas – professional birth support)

Presenter at national conferences around Australia (see below)

Regularly attends conferences, seminars and workshops to remain up-to-date

Convener of the St George and Sutherland Shire Homebirth Support Group

Management Diploma Gymea TAFE 1986

PCA Breastfeeding Counsellors Course, 1988

PCA Childbirth Educators Course, 1989 (12 months part-time course)

Karitane Mothercraft Society Post-natal Depression Telephone Support Counsellors, 1990 (conducted by Ms Kerry Lockhart, Deputy Director of Karitane, 6 week short course)

CERT IV Workplace Training, October – December 2002

Certified HypnoBirthing® Practitioner Training, May 2004 (conducted with midwife and hypnotherapist Peter Jackson, HypnoBirthing Practitioner and Trainer for Australia)

Parents Centres Australia (PCA) Conference, Macquarie University, 1986

Legal, Ethical & Social Issues Pertaining to Childbirth Conference, Sydney University, 1989

Nursing Mother’s Assoc. of Aust. Conference, Melbourne, 1989

Parents Centres Australia Workshop for Educator’s and Midwives, RHW Paddington, 1989

Associates in Childbirth Education Workshop “Presentation Skills for Educators”, 1990

Associates in Childbirth Education Workshop “Coping with Grief – Educators and Parents”, 1990

Associates in Childbirth Education Workshop “Waterbirth – Dr Michel Odent”, 1990

Associates in Childbirth Education Workshop “Teaching Skills for Childbirth Educators”, 1991

2nd International Homebirth Conference Sydney University, 1992, featuring Sheila Kitzinger, Janet Balaskas, Dr. Marsden Wagner, Ina May Gaskin

RHW Workshop for CBEs and Midwives – Update on Birth Centre Philosophy , 1993

National Association of Childbirth Educators (NACE) Conference, “Into the Future” , 1994

National Association of Childbirth Educators (NACE) Workshop, “Childbirth Education – Choices”

Nursing Mother’s Assoc. of Australia (NMAA) Conference, “Breastfeeding“ , featuring Professor Peter Hartman, 1996

Childbirth and Parenting Educational and Resource Service (CAPERS) Teaching Skills Course, Sydney, 1997

Independent Educators Workshop with Swedish Pediatrician Lennart Righartd on Bonding and Attachment Early Parenting, 1998

Royal Women’s Hospital Waterbirth Seminar by the Birth Centre Midwives, 1999

Homebirth Australia National Conference, Byron Bay, 1999

Associates in Childbirth Education (ACE) Seminar “Enhancing Midwifery”, 2000, featuring Pat Brodie, Lynne Staff and Nicky Leap

Bi-monthly workshops throughout 1999/2000 with the Independent Childbirth Educators Alliance, skill sharing

South Eastern Health Workshop “Raising Child Protection Issues in Parenting Education Programs”, Lynne Clune, 2000

South Eastern Health Basic Training for Childbirth and Parenting Educators

South Eastern Health Mentor Training by Lynne Clune and Jane Svensson, 2001

Midwives Association Seminar, held at RHW, “Women and Violence”, 2002

South Eastern Health Lactation Department seminar “Breastfeeding”, 2002

International Lactation Consultants Conference, Sydney , 2003

Julie regularly welcomes student midwives, student childbirth educators, and student doulas attending her ante-natal preparation courses

Conducted a 2 day seminar at Tamworth for the New England Area Health Service, “Making Groups Work”, for midwives and childbirth educators in the region, focusing on adult education, group dynamics and facilitator skills, 2002

Conducted 2 day seminars at Tamworth and also Armidale for the New England Area Health Service, February 2003 and May 2003

Speaker on “Fatherhood Issues” at the April 2001 NACE Conference and also at the CAPERS Conference as well as presenting the “Fatherhood Issues” activity. Very well received at both conferences.

Presenter at the ACE Grad Dip Course 6 day workshop held in Sydney in 2002, 2003, 2004 and again in 2005.  Topics included “How to Present Parenting in Groups” and “Facilitating Groups”.

Presenter at the Birth International Conference in Auckland New Zealand March, 2008. Topics: “Teaching Birth: Reducing Fear” and “Parenting 101″

Presenter at the Birth International Conference in Novotel, Brighton, Sydney, Australia March, 2008. Topics: “Starting a Childbirth Education Practice” and “Giving Birth”.

An adoring mum to 2 sons, Ken and Ryan. Both boys born using all the natural active techniques, pain medication free, instead utilising all the breathing, relaxation, mindfulness skills and with the loving support of her husband Geoff.

Julie is...

For over 20 years Julie has had the pleasure of meeting with expectant parents, facilitating popular birth and parenting preparation courses, for pregnant couples, and being available as a professional Birth Doula support person during labour.

Julie Clarke is an adoring mother to her own 2 sons, Ken and Ryan. Julie knows, from experience, that information, preparation, comfort and teamwork makes all the difference during pregnancy and early parenthood.

Julie is professionally trained, as a Childbirth and Parenting educator and group facilitator.

The course content Julie provides is in line with current evidence based research.

Learning is an ongoing process and continuing her professional education is a pleasure.

You can rest assured that you are getting the most current information as her knowledge is constantly being updated and includes the latest evidence based studies.

“Helping pregnant couples navigate their way from pregnancy, active birthing and attachment parenting is my passion.”

There is not a type of birth Julie has not attended, over 150 so far and counting.

Julie’s courses are practical and factual.

Julie understands pregnancy is a deeply human experience, which is why couples feel at home in her classes and no longer afraid as they are informed, confident and more bonded as a couple.



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Thursday to Monday inclusive:

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What is in your New Birth and Post Natal Doula Training course home study Kit?

Questions Before The Course

Doula is an old Greek term meaning “A servant or handmaiden of the Woman” and refers to the woman who helps a woman through her labour, birth and early motherhood.
Doulas are also known as Childbirth Assistants, Labour Support Professionals, and Birth Companions

Doulas are trained by Julie to provide emotional, physical and informational support during pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum, throught the first year.

Doula connections create lasting bonds of friendship with the families they help.  Doulas are the birth companions at any birth in hospitals, birth centres, and homebirth. 
Doulas are not employed by hospitals in Australia, they usually have a basic simple contract agreement with the pregnant woman who requires their service.
They are available to help all mums and dads-to-be to have a more positive, relaxed, easier birth experience.

The Doula does not replace the midwife who is medically trained and responsible for monitoring, assessing and safety. 

The Doula follows the birth preferences listed in the pregnant woman’s birth plan to fulfil her needs and desires during the birth experience.

The feedback Julie has received from her Doulas is they love how empowered they feel. They have learned more than they expected to, it was easier then they thought it would be, she surprised them with her kindness and high level of support and they are totally in control of how they run their own lives, their own business and their decisions.  Be sure to read through all the reviews.
Birth Doulas are able to provide help and guidance and gentle kind care throughout the hours of labour for the labouring woman and her partner.

Some trained Doulas work voluntarily and prefer to simply support their family and friends at their church.

Other Doulas will create a micro business with a website and have a limited number of clients.  They might charge between $500 and $2000 or more depending on what level of experience and how many services they provide which will grow over time as they add say for example massage, photography and post-natal doula training or breastfeeding counselling to their skill set.
They may do between 1 to 4 births per month and may result in an income up to  $8000 per month.  They control their own workload by choosing how many births they attend per month or year.

Women of all ages who are kind, gentle, caring, sensitive, compassionate, and have empathy for others feelings. The best Doula training course will enhance these qualities in you and a skilled facilitator such as Julie Clarke will also guide you in fine tuning your intuition, instincts and open up your confidence in women’s wisdom.

No, not at all. There is no prior training required as Julie will cover everything necessary for you to be a qualified certified Doula.
It may be favourable after you have completed this training to obtain a first aid certificate or a photographic course completed or a massage qualification but not at all necessary.

No, not necessary, as the most important aspect is to be empathetic and compassionate. Experience can be helpful of course, so if you’ve had a baby great, if you haven’t had a baby that’s great too.

Most certainly Yes! Many women who want a Doula to help them through the birth can’t get one as they often discover they are all booked out well in advance. 

Each year in Australia we have over Three hundred Thousand babies being born and that’s a lot of babies!

Most of the women who want to have a Doula miss out on this essential service.
During December – January and other school holidays a lot of Doulas spend time at home with their children instead of working; creating another time of shortage.
Australia needs lots more Birth Doulas. There is a real shortage.
If you train in Sydney and then relocate to Queensland or another state you’ll be assured of plenty of potential pregnant clients no matter where you are situated.

You are able to practice as a Doula anywhere in the world.

Doulas are well known, common and popular in both the USA and the UK, New Zealand, The Netherlands and Australia.

Did you know the Royals; Kate Middleton as well as Megan Markle have engaged the services of a Birth Doula?

Yes it hit the headlines. Apparently everyone in London was asking each Doula “Are you the chosen Doula?”

Yes, lots of women wish they had another woman to care for them during their labour for a variety of reasons. Last year there was over 300,000 (three hundred thousand) babies born around Australia, that is a lot of potential clients isn’t it?

Most certainly yes! They are grateful for the extra help and assistance in our understaffed hospitals.

Most certainly yes!
In 2017 the American Obstetrician’s Association developed an official Policy to endorse every laboring woman to have access to the care and support of a trained Birth Doula to care for them throughout their labour and birth experience to reduce the need for medication and intervention such as cesarean section and enhance a normal birth such as waterbirth and active birth. The benefit of Doulas is evidence based by research and statistics.

Yes, as it takes some of the pressure, physical stress, and emotional burden off the partner by sharing the load over 2 people especially with a long labour.

Yes, the average is between $500 and $2,000 per birth. Everyone has bills to pay so it’s only fair to value your time and dedication with a fair price.
At the very start you may prefer to keep your price low for a while as you gain experience and very soon your confidence will grow and you will feel comfortable charging a normal rate. I explain this fully in the course.

Most Birth Doulas book around 1 to 4 births per month depending on other commitments. 
Within a very short while you will have earned back the money you spent on your training.

No. This is a completely unregulated industry, so you do not have re-registration fees, no you don’t have to buy insurance. Nothing is compulsory.
Julie does guide all her trainee doulas through ethics, yes to ensure a smooth life as a Doula.

Questions About The Course

Important:  Prerequisites are to be a kind, caring compassionate person who simply wants to help other women in their journey to motherhood, it is not necessary to be a nurse or a midwife or any other qualification to train as a doula.

Doula training course is open to all women of all ages, there are no restrictions and you will be warmly welcomed.

Julie is motivated to share her 30 years of experience as a Doula with extensive birth knowledge with all her trainee doulas.

Yes she is fully qualified and very capable of teaching you to a high standard without any of the stress of exams, endless pages of assignments, time consuming homework. Julie is very capable of assessing your knowledge and supporting you in a variety of ways of learning to a good competent standard.

Yes it is with Julie’s guidance you will be amazed how quickly and easily you’ll soak up the knowledge.

Yes, most certainly, Julie provides ongoing mentoring support for all her trained Birth Doulas. 
The close friendship continues.
You will have access to Julie via text, email, phone, skype and whichever other options suit you best.
All  Birth Doula Training course dates are listed on this website or call Julie now 0401265530 for more options, she will warmly welcome your call.

Yes, there is a correspondence course referred to as the Home Study / Online course for Birth / Post Natal Doula’s who are unable to travel to Sydney. 
You’ll receive the package by post to take a year to complete the answers in the Workbook. But don’t worry if you want to change your mind and attend in person you can follow the answer to the next question…

Yes, it’s perfectly understandable that once you have a feel for the Birth and/or Post Natal Doula Course and your confidence has increased, you decide you’d like to take it a step further and attend in person and enjoy the small group atmosphere.
Julie will kindly support you in this journey by allowing you to put “the $course cost” already invested towards options which will suit your schedule.
The deduction of “$the course cost” will make the attendance / face to face course more accessible and affordable for you.

Honestly, it’s not the right thing to do. To burden a labouring woman with trainee apprentices is not fair and a bit mean.

If the woman has chosen a trainee great but this should not be imposed on her.

Julie has written the most amazing comprehensive, yet simple and easy to follow, Doula Course Workbook which will provide a structure for your learning at your own pace week by week.

The amazing workbook is filled with all the best ideas to get you started on this fantastic journey, beautiful pics which will convey some of the incredible concepts that words can’t convey, all the “how to’s” on attracting and meeting clients, how to conduct the first coffee chat interview, basic counselling techniques, communicating effectively with clients, meeting the woman’s needs physically and emotionally. Hypothetical exercises are a fun way of exploring lots of “What If” situations and Julie has added these all to the workbook to enable plenty of exploration for preparing Doulas for a variety of smart solutions.
There is a complete overview of Pregnancy, labour, birth and early Bonding to assist Doulas gain thorough knowledge of every step along the way.
Quick ready reference tables to signpost all the steps through all the labour phases empower Doulas to be very knowledgeable and confident.

Guidelines on being a respected, balanced, professional and successful happy Doula are provided.
Notes pages help Doulas keep all their jottings, extra thoughts and ideas all in organised locations in the workbook.  
Presented in a clear, concise, simple, straightforward way the workbook is a brilliant inspirational valuable asset for the Doulas to keep referring to for years to come.

Here is the contents page for you to assist you to assess the depth and quality of the course

The Contents page from the Birth Doula Workbook:   

5   Welcome Introduction

6   Birth Doulas How to Get Off to A Great Start with 20 Constructive Positive Tasks

8   Journaling will help you develop personal Insights on your Amazing Birth Doula Journey

9   List What Would You Love to Achieve

10  Birth Doulas are the Future in Maternity in Australia as we Face a Birth Boom and Falling Staff Levels – Birth and Post Natal Doulas will be in Hot Demand

12   Legal Agreement to sign and return to Julie to gain the Birth Doula Certificate

13   How You Can Start Up A Birth Doula Business in Australia

16   Goals & Aims for You as a Birth Doula

17   Birth Doula Client Form (sample)

18   Towards Normal Birth Dept of Health NSW Policy to improve safer outcomes

21   Consider yourself as a Birth Doula

22   Self Reflection Q’s to prepare yourself for client interviews

23   Rehearsal for Answering Clients Qs during the Interview

24   Doula charges and payment plan – your choice

25    Interview goals – what do you want to achieve?

27    What to Pack in Doula “Goody Bag”

28     Book Reviews: fill in your insights

30    Resilience in Business

31    Julie’s Affirmations for her Birth Doulas

32   Inspirational Quotes from Tony Robbins – see “I am Not Your Guru” on Netflix

36   Mind Map Journaling

38   Self-Growth and Self-Awareness

39   Short Answer Questions Gays/Surrogacy

40   Common Pregnancy Discomforts and their safe natural remedies

47    The Ideal Birth Doula – identify and describe in your own words to create the clear visualisation to aim towards

48   Short Answer Definitions: Labour

49   Short Answer Q’s Hazards in Pregnancy

50   Short Answer Q’s Natural Active Birth

51   Mindfulness Questions

52   Questions:  The Role of Hormones Short answers required

53   Questions: Hormones During Labour Questions – short answers required

54    Questions:    Relaxation

55    Questions:  Visualisation

56   Questions:  Active Birth

57   A Guideline To Create A Positive Birth Plan – not one filled with don’t do this and don’t do that – always focus on the positive of what we “DO” want instead of what we “Don’t” want

59   Informed Consent: Communication with MW and OB – Client is responsible for communicating and asking questions. The Birth Doula assists with suggesting Q’s

 60    Aromatherapy Oils to use during Pregnancy Labour Birth and Beyond

61   Nutrient Research Exercise – identify RDA’s Recommended Daily Allowance for Pregnant Women and fill in table

63    Learn by Observing & Critique You Tube births – answer the questions to gain insights

69    Short Answers: How to Turn a Breech Baby – there are many ways to attempt turning Babies with Malpresentation such as Breech

72 – 82  Complete Overview of Steps through Pregnancy  – Labour – Birth – Post-partum

83    Suggestions of What to Try Safely if Overdue (post 40 wks)

85 – 90   The Good Guide to the final weeks Pregnancy, stages of labour, Birth, Breastfeeding

91    Birth Options Table: Interventions and Locations “What happens where”

92      Questions to answer:  How Doulas can support in Medical a variety situations – when the client is experiencing Medical Interventions and/or Medications

97        Ways to become Relaxed in Pregnancy

101        The Seven most Frequently Asked Questions about Labour

103        How to Identify the labour progress for Doulas

106        What items need to be packed for Labour and/or assembled for a Home Birth

108   Midwife Phone Assessment Q’s Prior to Admission – Typical q’s a midwife asks

109     Recovery and Healing after an Episiotomy

110        The Epi-no Childbirth Training and Pelvic Floor Exerciser

112 – 119  Scenarios and Solutions for Doulas

120    Ways to Stimulate a Slow Labour

121     What to do when the Waters Break

122      Life Skills: Overcoming Anxiety

123        Special Table of Birth Doula care during all phases of labour

126      Insights for Doulas: Survivors of Sexual Abuse; how to support them

130       Insights for Doulas: Understanding the Profile ACOH; Adult Children of Alcoholics

133  A Sample Birth Plan (that worked)

138    Online or Face 2 Face Birth Doula Course Evaluation (post or email)

140       Congratulations message from Julie upon completing the online course


Course curriculum includes but is not limited to these topics.

This list just gives you a rough idea of the extensive richness of the course inclusions:

The finer art of all the important comfort measures for labour, the active birth positioning and details for effective pushing positions, maintaining an intact perineum, magnificent massage techniques that make women release and relax, the details of breath work, conserving the labouring woman’s energy so she’s not exhausted, how to deal with breech positions, acupuncture acupressure points for overdue and during labour,  suggestions for challenging situations, tips on how to observe and listen carefully to a labouring woman to be able to match up your skills with what she needs at the right moment.
How to help women use their own facilities at home during pre-labour and early labour prior to coming into the hospital, the use of hospital facilities and being aware of how hospitals vary in what they offer.
Waterbirth, benefits, setting up, what to expect. Stages of labour. Enhancing partner’s role.
Being part of the team if other friends and family are present.
Maintaining harmony and calmness during challenges.
Physiology, anatomy, hormones. Enhancing partner’s role, boosting his/her confidence, ensuring he/she is taking care of themselves with sufficient food, breaks if required. Bonding and the first breastfeed.
Follow up appointments debriefing the birth experience afterwards. Video footage of births. Photographs. Power-point. Small group discussions. Delicious lunches. Laughs. Fun. 

You will be astounded by how much you gain personally as well as professionally from attending this course with Julie.

I’ll share the contents page from the Post Natal Doula Workbook for you to see the topics – enjoy!

Doula The Essential Ingredient Q’s – page 4
Ina May Gaskin YouTube Video Questions – page 5
Tedx Talk Video Who .. Doula Questions – page 6
Focus topics for Post Natal Doulas – page 7
Program Agreement – page 8
Introduction and Welcome – page 9
Certificate Instructions, How to get – page 11
16 Steps to a Post Natal Doula Business – page 13
Your Goals and dreams – page 15
Post Natal Doula Client Form Sample – page 16
Initial Interview Coffee Chat Ideas – page 17
General Questions to Expect – page 18
Service Options To Offer – page 19
Pack Your Post-Natal Doula Bag – page 24
Affirmations for Post-Natal Doulas – page 25
Parenthood and exploring Support – page 26
Reflection Questions of Your Experience – page 27
Social Changes of Baby Care – page 28
Importance of skin to skin – page 29
Common Physical Emotional changes – page 31
Solutions for 1st week changes – page 32
Parenthood – page 33
Your Own Reflection – page 34
Depression and Family Breakdown Cycle – page 35
Being A Dad – page 36
Sensitivity of Post-Natal Doulas – page 40
Highest Priorities for Doula – page 42
Newborns Reflexes – page 44
A Summary for Post Natal Doulas – page 45
Pack the Baby’s Nappy Bag – page 51
Breastfeeding Questions – page 52
BIG hint best answers – page 63
Tired Signs in Babies – page 64
Baby will NOT sleep – page 65
Baby Blues and PND Q’s – page 66
Reduce risks of SIDS – page 72
Bedmaking for Baby – page 76
Nursery Floor Plan – page 77
Tallboy chest of drawers – page 78
What to Buy for Baby – page 79
Caring for Summer Baby – page 84
Care for Winter Baby – page 85
Reasons a Newborn Cries – page 86
Soothing and settling Babies – page 97
Life Support under 12 months – page 98
Life Support over 12 months – page 99
Dental Health for Baby Teeth – page 100
Nappy Rash Solutions – page 101
Natural Baby Remedies – page 102
Food Sensitivity in Grizzly Babies – page 105
Wrapping Swaddling to sleep – page 108
Expressing Breastmilk – page 110
43 Reasons to Carry your Baby – page 112
Baby Wearing – page 113
Play and Development for Babies – page 117
6 months Turning Point for Family – page 118
Loving Fun – Reconnecting Parents – page 119
Good Food Ideas – page 126
Intro Solid Food for Baby – page 128
Returning to Work and Breastfeeding – page 137
Hypothetical Situations complete Q’s – page 137
Words of Wisdom – page 143
Time in Discipline Approach – page 147
Growth and Development 1-5yrs – page 149
Your Pet and the New Baby – page 155

Correspondence Home Study / online (1 year)  the Birth Doula plus the PostNatal Doula or the best value package to gain both certificates and be double qualified you can obtain a discount with the special Combo deal 

10 Weeks: The  Doula Course one day/ week 9am -3pm   (or) 5 Weeks: The  Doula Course two days/week 9am -3pm  

4 days The Doula course on Wed, Thur, Fri and Sat 

The Ultimate 6 months day or evening flexi format for Birth Doula & Post Natal Doula & Childbirth Education training

Attendance at the Doula Academy Studio learning and interaction within a small intimate group, as a pair or an individual.
It is particularly smart to bring a friend who lives in your region to train together as Doulas so you can “back each other up for births” if one is sick or busy the other can respond. Having a buddy or partner can be an awesome support.

The valuable experience of attendance at BOTH the new Mindful Hypnobirth course AND the Transition into Parenthood course, as an observer of the session to gain insights into how to communicate with pregnant couples by tuning in to the way Julie mindfully describes labour and birth, the power of the mind and body working together, breathing, relaxation, visualisations, practical comfort measures for labour and her answers to the group’s interesting questions.
Watch, listen and learn how to interact with pregnant couples to inspire them to aim towards birthing normally and working as an awesome effective team with their Doula.
#Important note: Julie will not normally allow “extras” into the Transition into Parenthood or the new Mindful Hypnobirth course, however she extends this special privilege to her valued Doula students during their training and it is one of the most significant contributions to their understanding of the whole journey.
This course level will provide you with some flexible free time to rest and relax in Julie’s lovely garden to enjoy access to Julie’s extensive library of books and other resources such as DVD’s.

You’ll have extra time to deepen your relationship with Julie, ask her extra questions and hang out together.

Importantly, you will receive the complete Mindful birth course and Transition into Parenthood course which will reward you with a rich experience to empower you towards being an extremely knowledgeable Doula. 

Julie will include you in her life which is a healthy, fun, energetic lifestyle full of pregnancy, labour, birth, newborns and motherhood.

If she is called to a birth as a Doula in this time you may well be able to attend with her. You will also be welcome to join Julie’s Mums and Bubs Pram Walking Group session and any Baby Care Support Service

You sound perfect for the course and highly motivated. Good on you.
The next steps for you are:
1.Choose your preferred attendance dates and notify Julie via text or call on 0401265530 
2. Choose your preferred payment method: PayPal, visa, Mastercard, direct deposit or cash 
3. Fill in the enrollment form and either email or post back to Julie
4. Be excited to get started!

Questions About Certification

On the final day of the course your beautiful certification endorsing your new qualification will be handed to you to cherish. You’ll be delighted at your achievement and what excitement your future holds of attending Births and helping women and their partners have amazing empowering births for their beautiful new babies.

Yes, the Doula Certificate provided by the Doula Academy of Australia is signed and dated by the trainer Julie Clarke and proves you are qualified and that you have undertaken the “Birth Doula”  course.

Future clients will be quite satisfied with viewing a copy of the certificate in your portfolio (The trainee Doula will be guided through how to put together a good simple portfolio to show clients). Pregnant clients will also be able to view this website if they want to know any detail about the training.

Julie is professional and transparent, you can be assured of being well informed and well trained as we provide a high quality course without unnecessary steps to the learner / trainee.

As soon as you have successfully registered a placement in the course by full payment and filled in the enrollment form you are ready to have the discussion with Julie about attendance at your first birth as a Doula. Julie will guide you step by step through the process.

Yes, correct, once you have completed the relevant workbook and Julie has marked it and returned it with your certificate of achievement you are fully qualified and ready to commence.

NO! Not at all. Julie will be delighted to present you with your certificate at the end of the final day of the actual course, not some time in a few months later. 

You have earned the Doula training course certificate of Achievement and you are well deserved to hold it proudly.

If you would like my suggestion then yes having the First Aid Certificate is a good responsible course to do however not essential.

NO! Not at all. 

You have done all the educational work required including all the practical “hands on” skills you need so you absolutely DO qualify to have the Doula training course certificate of Achievement. 

Julie will provide you with your certificate on the last day of training freshly printed, in a protective sleeve, for you to take home and celebrate with your family and friends and enjoy that great feeling of achievement.

NO! Not at all. As this is an unregulated industry and very likely to remain that way for the long term future there is no sensible reason to undertake excessive training demands or expense that is not actually needed or required.  

It’s not necessary, it’s pointless so why spend the extra in time, resources and money? 

A trainee Doula does need a great trainer who is focused, dedicated, can provide flexible options, high quality training to meet your own needs and requirements, a trainer who will personally connect with you, listen to you and help you in your journey.

You want someone who you can communicate with easily, who you can call directly anytime for help. You might like to test that out actually and contact others and see what the response is like. It’s probably the best way isn’t it to test out the quality of response?

Come along and train with Julie Clarke in Sylvania Sydney Australia over just 4 days or more. She makes the training, quick, fun, stress-free, no exams or pressure.

You’ll be amazed how much you’ll gain personally and learn professionally.
This training is so enriching.
You’ll have great notes to take home, to keep referring to anytime you need. This is a truly rewarding job with the most heartfelt joy and thrill at the sight of the gorgeous new baby arriving!

Julie has created the course with no heavy assignments, no terrifying exams, it’s all relaxed, friendly, interesting, easy to absorb all the information given Julie’s amazing gentle style and incredible skill to pass on womanly information.
Julie, a mum of 2 sons, born naturally, has been a Doula at well over 150 births over 30 years, has the most amazing passionate commitment which is completely wholesome, infectious, fun and upbeat.

Questions About Course Fees

Yes, PayPal Pay in 4 is available.
Or by negotiation with Julie.
Full payment must be completed prior to commencement of the course.
All fees must be paid prior to the course starting, which is a standard requirement of any vocational course.
A vocational course means it will assist you towards working and earning money for your own employment in the future.
View the Birth and/or Post Natal Doula course as an investment in your future towards owning and running your own business.

We now offer PayPal Pay in 4 which has made it so much easier for everyone.
The option of asking family and friends to purchase gift certificates for you for your birthday, Christmas presents and Mother’s Day presents could accumulate enough to assist you towards being able to purchase the course. You’ll find the option of gift certificates in the bookings/shop section of the website. Or perhaps you are in a close-knit community such as a church group who may be able to provide sponsorship by raising funds to assist you, so in turn you’ll be enabled to provide trained birth support to the parish you belong to.
Do you think it might be possible for you to create for yourself  a Facebook Page “Go Fund Me to Become A Birth / Post Natal Doula?”

Yes it is for those who go on to attend births and be paid by clients. Not everyone is concerned about this and that’s fine, however for those who are concerned it’s always wise to consult your accountant about the fine details of your own personal and business financial situation.

Recent Graduate Reviews

Renee Scifo
Selah Doula
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I first came across a video from Julie when I was looking for a doula course. Her voice stood out to me right away and how peacefully she spoke. She is confident in who she is and the value she can bring. She never "over-sold" her service.

She made me curious as she spoke highly of women-empowerment and spoke about birth as if it was pure wonder. I called Julie right on the spot and she spent more than 20min with me, explaining her Training Program, which was highly flexible which is what I need at this stage of my life. I had a good feeling about her competency and genuine compassion. I told her that I had an insecurity about my dyslexia and she left me feeling affirmed that I'm "safe with her".

I think this is the most valuable trait of a great doula, and I definitely have felt safe with her, at every step of the training. If I was looking for a doula myself, she is definitely the one I'd want to learn from. I completed Julie's work books and loved the way she guided me to dig deeper and research my own answers.

She regularly asked about what I would do in a certain circumstance as a doula, which helped give me the confidence to see myself as a doula, although I was still in-training.

I felt she was great at coaching me to see myself where I want to be, and to remember that learning is a lifelong journey.

I also booked to see Julie face-to-face at her cosy home for 4 full days of mentoring.

She was so flexible and worked around my schedule. I saw her 3 times and we left the 4th meeting till after my first client's birth. We spoke for hours and I learnt so much in such a short amount of time. On top of the valuable Information I learned, I was very inspired and I felt confident that being a doula is truly the path for me. Julie is incredibly generous. It was so nice to meet an experienced doula who still loves birth with such a passion and an awe for birth.

She has a great desire to see couples empowered and be supportive of each other, and to see healthy families in our society.
Lorraine Di Prinzio
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Hi Julie

Thank you so much for our chat this morning. 😊 It has been so comforting to know that you are just a phone call away to talk about any questions I have had about both of the Doula courses & work books.

Your knowledge just inspires me! It has been an amazing eye opening journey for me. You are an amazing lady…Thank you!

I was worried that at almost 60 years I would struggle with some aspects of the course, but you made the journey one that I am proud of.

I have loved every moment doing both of the courses! It has kept me sane whilst being in “isolation” during this terrible time.

I have gained so much knowledge. Wow how things have changed since I had my two wonderful boys (now men) back in the eighties. Women need to feel empowered and know they have choices, and not be afraid to use their voices.

When I first started the Birth Doula Course, watching the you- tube videos and reading the books it just blew me away. I cried watching most of the videos. The sheer joy of so many natural births and the way the Doulas supported these births/parents. So calm and relaxed! And the babies were not whisked away from their Mother’s!

I’ve just completed the Post- Partum Doula Course, and again it was amazing and I found it actually answered so many un answered questions for me and closed doors on a lot of my questions from back in the eighties.

The importance of “being supported”, encouraged and reassured, that yes there is help out there if you need it and do not be afraid to ask for it.

Going onto websites was wonderful, so much information! I just kept reading and reading. I would love to do refresher courses/ workshops to keep up to date with everything and learn new skills.

Thank you again Julie!

Future Vision and Ethics at the Doula Academy of Australia

Julie Clarke (Doula Trainer) has been transforming the lives of pregnant couples for over 30 years through her dedicated commitment to her work as a doula and her popular antenatal “Transition into Parenthood” and Hypnobirth courses from her studio in Southern Sydney.

Currently Julie is sharing her vast knowledge with women young and old, mothers or not, experienced or not so they too can enable pregnant women and their partners to increase their likelihood of a normal, healthy vaginal birth yet still experience a positive experience no matter how the birth unfolds; with or without medical assistance, to happily welcome their precious new baby into their life.

Julie’s Doulas are trained to never be obstructive to the medical process in the hospital environment and to always follow the mothers wishes and birth plan preferences.

Julie’s trained Doulas play a significant role in Australia in the support of all women and partners, as they prepare during their pregnancy to birth their baby, Doulas work to deliver compassionate inclusive care for all pregnant couples (to replace excellent outcomes for pregnant couples).

We are training optimistic women who will, in their own creative way, contribute to shaping the future of Doulas in Australia’s future, as we move towards a new phase of its growth.


Transition into Parenthood Courses which is one of the longest running birth and parenting preparation course providers, commencing in 1989.

It has been a unique part of Sydney’s community for 30 years, originally as active birth courses suitable for birthing at birth centres.


Our mission is to enrich the lives of pregnant women by connecting them to the transformative power of giving birth with good emotional and physical support to enable them to commence the journey of motherhood in an empowered confident strong way.


To inspire more women to engage with supporting, encouraging and lifting up each other through Doula work

What we do:

Education, training, mentoring, think tank workshops, collaboration, creative visualisation and imagination will be at the forefront of skills required for an enlightened world

To magnify and amplify the stories and questions of our world.

The Doula Academy asks its participants to imagine the possibilities within the world they have grown up in; to think artistically, critically and creatively, and be active global citizens.

  • provides continuous guidance beyond the usual training period both with the home study course and the face to face course
  • provides vital professional work opportunities for Australian Doulas
  • creates a supportive environment where women work together towards a common goal and the mentorship
  • is an accessible and inclusive organisation which fosters womens expression and educates Australia’s future professional Doulas

Why we do what we do for birth doulas:

Because voice –  Doulas need support which is wise, safe, healthy, non judgmental, focused on their needs – not the hospitals –  to develop their instincts, intuition, values their ideas and aspires to produce the highest quality birth outcomes

Because tribe – Doulas want and need a safe place to fit in, to find their feet, and their place in the world.

Because creativity –  Doulas need a place to create, learn and explore

Because art –  Doulas deserve access to the highest quality experience and process.

Because imagination –   Doulas deserve a place to imagine and re-imagine the world they live in, especially in the Western world where we need to re-think how women are treated.

Because spirit – because  the Doula Academy of Australia engenders and emboldens the spirit of Doulas

Birth Doula Role Summary

This is a flexible, part-time or full time, hands-on role. You will be working with either pregnant couples, whole families, single mothers-to-be, to provide guidance towards building a safe, healthy, positive, enriching birth and early days of parenting experience.

The initial focus will be on analysing the needs of the pregnant woman, identifying her existing support base followed by the development and implementation of a birth plan to fulfill her preferences.

The role varies from a half day or more per week with an average payment of $1,000 per birth – varies according to skill set, level of experience, the population group you are working with.

Key responsibilities for birth doulas:



Birth doula skills and attributes:

Preferred for Doula candidates to have:

We look very favourably upon candidates who have knowledge & experience in the following areas:


The full list

of content modules for each course is contained in the e-book!

Find Out More About The Course

What is a birth doula and why should I become one?

Who is this birth doula course designed for?

What topics are covered in the birth doula course?

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